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Dr. Marcia Connelly, DTCM, LAc, Dipl.OM


What an adventure it’s been so far!!

The labor and delivery wasn’t what I had planned but it turned out great in the end. Thank you so much for all your amazing support throughout the process. You not only helped me physically prepare but also mentally and emotionally. Although things were different, I really felt well supported with a great birth team. Thank you again for all you did. You gave me so much more then just acupuncture treatments. —Sam

Without a doubt Marcia provided the very best health care that I have ever received!

“Marcia is honest, deeply committed, open, transparent and an excellent listener. After only a few meetings, I knew that I had finally found what health care should be: holistic, preventative, honest and leverage our body’s inherent and individual strengths. When treating me, Marcia had the absolute perfect balance between being and adviser, friend, and practitioner. She reached out to encourage me to seek the care I needed by providing a range of options. It was an incredible balance done with exquisite skill! I will always keep her email written to me at 42 weeks pregnant and entitled the “the middle road” close by.” —Grace B.

Our little girl arrived naturally last week!

Sending my deepest appreciation to you for your work on me last Friday to help get my labor going. It worked like a charm! I had a healthy, happy baby girl at 4:50 am Saturday morning. My labor was short, strong and uncomplicated. We feel so blessed and I know that your amazing care and time on Friday morning played a big part of me avoiding induction or drugs. Thank you so much!  —Erin M. 3/2/13

My first time with acupuncture

Being my first time I didn’t know what to really expect, I had done some research over the Internet and was looking for a great place to take care of me. I had Marcia for two visits and she was great. She listened to what my concerns were and made some recommendations on how to fix the problems. She did a great job at explaining what acupuncture was and how she what procedure she was doing that day, so I could enjoy the acupuncture treatment. I’ll definitely be back. —Nick T., 3/14/13

Recommend Altos Medical

Marcia is great, patient, and knowledgeable. Enjoyed my consultation session and treatment. Will go again.

—J.G., 3/12/13

A Glowing Review

Marcia was engaging, knowledgeable, patient, and gentle. The ambience of the office is soothing and calming, and I left feeling that I’d experienced a small island of peace in the midst of the turbulence of daily life. —Sue C, 1/14/13

Review for Altos Medical Acupuncture

I was very impressed with Marcia, she was attentive, knowledgeable, and seemed to have a real desire to help. I am looking forward to my next session. —C.V, 3/11/13

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